We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all volunteers, past and present, who have been involved with Parkland Horseman’s Association over the years, and who have ensured that our shows are safe, fun, welcoming, organized, and laid-back yet professional. PHA simply would not exist without the incredible dedication, hard work, and support of our extremely kind and talented volunteers.

And so, as we are getting close to the start of our show season, we are now seeking volunteers (new and seasoned alike!) to help us ring in another exciting year of friendly competition. Volunteering is a wonderful way to become involved with our horse community and earn service hours (and to have a great time while doing so!)

Don’t worry: No experience is necessary – and there is something for everyone!

Year-End Awards and Volunteer Hours

Did you know…?
Volunteer hours are also required to qualify for the PHA Year-End Awards!

  • Riders must complete 6 hours of volunteer time.
  • Volunteer time may be accrued at any PHA event, and can be performed by family members.
  • Attending a monthly Board Meeting counts as 1 hour of volunteer time.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for making sure their hours are recorded in the “Volunteer Hour Record Book.”
  • Alternatively, some volunteer hours can be “purchased” via donation to PHA. (See our General Rules for details and pricing).

Both you and your equine athlete will be busy competing this season, so please don’t forget to get your volunteer hours in so that you may qualify for Year-End Awards! For the complete policy on Year-End Awards and volunteer work, please be sure to refer to the “2018-2019 General Competition Rules” for details.

Interested in volunteering? Please contact our Volunteer Chair, Eileen Grabowski at echoelephant@aol.com for more information.

Thank you!