Seeking Used Utility Golf-Cart or “Mule” for Ring Set Up

Do you have an old and idle utility golf-cart that you are looking to donate? Need the extra shed space to make room for your new holiday toys? Or perhaps just in a giving spirit this holiday season and want to help out your local non-profit equestrian club? 

With the holidays just around the corner, PHA is currently seeking a donation of a used utility golf-cart or “mule,” which would help us tremendously with our dressage, obstacle, and hunter course set-up. This need not be a fancy, new, or sophisticated cart, but something compact and functional that will allow our organization to store the cart on the premises and ease the ring set up process for our wonderful volunteers (who will sincerely appreciate the assistance moving equipment around the Parkland Equestrian Center – an extra set of wheels will make all the difference in the world!) 

If you think you might be that ‘special someone’ who canhelp make our holiday wish come true, please reach out to or contact our PHA president, Suzie Cook, at

As always, we appreciate your support and generosity!