Welcome to the PHA 2017-2018 Show Season!

Parkland Horseman’s Association (PHA) is a non-profit organization that hosts monthly Dressage and Hunter shows at the Parkland Equestrian Center. 
Membership in PHA is required to participate in our shows and special events to cover liability insurance costs. For membership form, click here.

Accepting all major credit cards at the shows!

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October 22
December 3

January 21
February 18
March 18
April 22


USDF Introductory (Open and Novice)
Training Level
First Level
Second Level
Third Level
Fourth Level
All FEI Tests
In Hand
Western Dressage

Class #Class Description
IH-1 • USDF Dressage Sport Horse Prospects (In-Hand)
IH-2 • USDF Junior Handler – 12 and under (Jr. In-Hand)
LL-A • PHA Leadline Test A – 10 and under (Walk Only)
LL-B • PHA Leadline Test B – 10 and Under (Walk-Trot)
LL-C • PHA Leadline Test C – 10 and Under (Walk-Trot)
IN-A(N) • USDF Introductory Level Test A Novice
IN-B(N) • USDF Introductory Level Test B Novice
IN-C(N) • USDF Introductory Level Test C Novice
IN-A(O) • USDF Introductory Level Test A Open
IN-B(O) • USDF Introductory Level Test B Open
IN-C(O) • USDF Introductory Level Test C Open
TR-1 • USEF Training Level Test 1
TR-2 • USEF Training Level Test 2
TR-3 • USEF Training Level Test 3
1-1 • USEF First Level Test 1
1-2 • USEF First Level Test 2
1-3 • USEF First Level Test 3
2-1 • USEF Second Level Test 1
2-2 • USEF Second Level Test 2
2-3 • USEF Second Level Test 3
3-1 • USEF Third Level Test 1
3-2 • USEF Third Level Test 2
3-3 • USEF Third Level Test 3
4-1 • USEF Fourth Level Test 1
4-2 • USEF Fourth Level Test 2
4-3 • USEF Fourth Level Test 3
FEI • FEI Tests – PSG through GP (Please specify Test on Entry Form)
WD • Western Dressage (Please specify Test on Entry Form)
FS • Freestyle (Please specify which level on Entry Form)
4H • 4-H Dressage Test (Please specify Test on Entry Form)

Individual Membership: $30 or Family Membership: $40 (required)
Dressage Fee: $25
Class Fees: $15
Non-competing: $20

All entries, accompanied by current Coggins, must be received before closing date for registration (2 weeks prior to show date). Late entries will be subjected to $10 late fee, space permitting. A small service fee may be added for payment by credit card.

PHA is proud to offer a friendly and easy-going opportunity to compete in the sport of dressage. We hope our low-stress environment gives riders a place to test themselves, their horses and prepare for larger competitions. Our NEW PHA Lead-line tests are a unique way to introduce young riders to the dressage arena, and all the growth as an equestrian and person that can be found there.

  1. Please read PHA General Rules.
  2. All tests are current USDF, FEI and WDAA tests unless otherwise stated. Find our PHA Lead-line tests in our show book or contact a board member for a copy.
  3. Riders MUST preregister and entry forms for the current year MUST be filled out in entirety accompanied by a current copy of a negative Coggins test and payment in full. A LEGIBLE photo including a photo of check may be emailed to show secretary but payment must still be recieved by closing date.
  4. Only one horse/rider combination per form and horse’s name must match Coggins test.
  5. Closing date for registration is 7 days before the show. Late entries subject to $10 late fee and accepted at discretion of show secretary.
  6. Mail entries in care of Heather Bell: 642 Siesta Key Circle, Apt 2833, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 or can be left at Spectrum Saddle Shop or emailed to parklandhorsemans@gmail.com.
  7. Fees for classes scratched after the closing date will become a donation to PHA. Refunds after closing date may be considered with a request accompanied by a doctor to veterinarian note.
  8. Ride times available after 7 PM the Thursday before the show.
  9. Attire: SEI approved helmets are mandatory for all English riders, strongly encouraged for Western riders and are mandatory for all riders under the age of 18. Proper dressage show attire is encouraged but English attire or a sleeved collared shirt with boots, breeches and belt is acceptable.
  10. Introductory Level Novice classes are open to first year competitors only.
  11. Lead-line riders are not permitted to compete in any other riding classes on that day.
  12. Daily Awards: Ribbons will be awarded for 1st through 6th in each class. A 1st place trophy or gift card for classes with a minimum of 3 riders in that test. A Level Champion will be awarded to the highest score of all tests combined in a given level. Reserve Champion will be awarded to the next highest scoring horse/rider combination differing from Champion. With enough participants, a Junior Champion may be awarded.
  13. Year-End Awards: Champion and Reserve trophies and Champion and reserve then 3rd through 6th ribbons will be awarded for each level. Placing will be determined by average of total scores per horse/rider combination in each level. The Ali Memorial Junior Challenge Award will be presented to riders 16 years old and younger competing in Intro and above dressage tests (lead-line riders and In-hand are excluded) that have qualified for year-end awards. Please see PHA General Rules for more specifics to qualify.

October 21
December 2

January 20
February 17
March 17
April 21

Rain Date: May 19

A.  In-hand Novice
B. In-Hand Advanced
C.  Under-saddle Novice
D.  Under-saddle Advanced
E.  Lead-line.


PHA’s NEW Obstacle Challenge is a fun, easy introduction to obstacle events. Untimed and open to any discipline, this is a family friendly way to better your horsemanship and strengthen the bond with your equine partner. Expect some obstacles to be similar to trail classes and then others may be a step above such as walking on a tarp, “car wash” of pool noodles and a noise maker.

  1. Please read the PHA General Rules.
  2. All participants must be a member of PHA in good standing.
  3. All participants must present a current copy of a negative Coggins test and names must match entry form.
  4. One horse/rider/handler pair per entry form. Participants may add classes or additional runs.
  5. Riders/handlers may register the morning of competition.
  6. Attire: Show attire for your respective discipline is encouraged. Mandatory: SEI approved helmet for riders/handlers under the age of 18, long pants, boots, belt and a sleeved, collared shirt.
  7. Classes: A. In-hand Novice; B. In-Hand Advanced; C. Under-saddle Novice; D. Under-saddle Advanced; E. Lead-line.
  8. Fees: Obstacle/office fee $20, Class fee $10, additional runs (scores do not qualify for placing in class) $5.
  9. Scoring: Rider/handler 0-10 per OBSTACLE. Horse 0-10 per OBSTACLE. Equitation 0-10 per RUN. Partnership 0-10 per RUN. Overall presentation 0-10 per RUN. Scores will be totaled to determine placing. Ties will be broken by Partnership score. If Partnership scores are the same, winner to be determined by judge.
  10. Classes will be placed 1st through 6th. A Champion and Reserve Horse award (per class) will be given to the highest scoring run by a individual horse on his/her 1st time on course for the entire day. IE. A horse that is competing in Under-saddle Novice is qualified for Champion in that class but not if the same horse competes again in Under-saddle Advanced, even with a different rider.
  11. After registering, riders/handlers will receive a back number and a score sheet marked with their class and if it is qualifying or a additional run. Once a rider/handler is registered, place your name on the order of go at the gate. Present your score sheet to the judge at your turn. Qualifying score sheets will go to office for compilation. Participants may take their additional run sheets with them upon completion of course.
  12. Only one horse/rider/handler will be on the course at a time.
  13. A half-hour walk-through will be available for riders/handlers prior to the start of the show. Horses are NOT allowed on the course until competition begins.
  14. Riders/handlers may do multiple additional runs but only AFTER performing their Class Qualifying run in that same class. IE. A handler may not do an additional run in In-hand Novice then compete in that class but may compete in In-hand Advanced or Under-saddle classes (note: in this scenario, the horse would NOT be eligible for Champion or Reserve Horse in any class).
  15. The course must be performed as shown in course diagram to be posted the day of the show.
  16. 3 attempts at an obstacle are allowed (unless the judge deems necessary to move to the next obstacle). The judge may excuse a horse/rider/handle pair at any time and for any reason. Dismounting to help a horse through an obstacle is allowed. Points will be subtracted from that obstacle but may be added in Partnership score at judges discretion. Rider must remount before approaching next obstacle.
  17. Once a horse/rider/handler have successfully completed an “Advanced” course, that pair can not earn a qualifying score on a “Novice” course respectively in in-hand and under-saddle classes. In-hand advanced pairs may compete in Under-saddle Novice. The same horse may compete in any class with a different rider/handler.
  18. Lead-line horses MUST successfully complete the course in another class before performing in their lead-line class. Lead-line competitors may not cross enter another riding class.
  19. An individual horse can not compete in a class more than 3 times with different riders. The judge has the right to disqualify any horse he/she may deem to be stressed or overworked.
  20. PHA may choose to add a timed Jackpot class after the completion of all other classes. Please look for a sign up sheet at the office on show day.
  21. Year-end awards: Champion, Reserve 3rd-6th will be awarded for each class. A Youth award is available for riders/handlers 16 years and younger in combined In-Hand classes and combined Under-saddle classes. Horse/rider combinations that are receiving awards for Advanced In-hand and Advanced Under-saddle will be excluded from the respective Novice classes. Please check under General Rules for specifics to qualify.